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Team Building with Miss Magic

Miss Magic’s team building sessions can take place at almost any venue or within the workplace. Kay, one of the UK’s premier magicians, starts off performing a magic trick which David Blaine performed on TV. This trick will blow your mind, and by the end of the workshop, not only will the client have learnt the trick but they will have performed the magic in small groups as an X Factor style show!

Your company’s key message can be put across throughout their performance and members of staff can be nominated to participate in certain aspects of the show! Kay and her team tailor their performance to suit your requirements and have worked with a wide and varied range of clients.

Pricing for these team building sessions depends on numbers, location, and extra staff.

What can Employees expect?

  • Learning and performing magic, using presentation skills, balancing work loads and priorities, understanding techniques , sleight of hand, misdirection, performance and illusion.
  • Applying all the above in business, concluding with the synopsis relating to your business. This method of teaching encourages thinking outside the box and proves that the client can achieve what they first thought impossible, in a short space of time.
  • Employees will be taking away with them a new skill, which will stay with them for life.
  • Reinforcing that often something that appears to be impossible, there is almost always a practical solution.

John Bishop come and watch Miss Magic she’s fabulous!!

Kenny Daglish

We've worked with Miss Magic for over 15 years, she increases footfall on our trade stand considerably and wows the audience every time with her lovely personality and tricks, one year we even won "best stand" award!

Europa Components

Stop everybody, you have to come to see this lady, she's amazing!

Sir Alex Ferguson

Mmmmm OK, I'm impressed!

Simon Cowell
BGT/X Factor Judge & Music Exec