Virtual Magic Show Party
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Virtual Magic Show Party

A live interactive mind reading magic show where your colleagues will be the star of the show. This modern fast paced upbeat show of magic miracles is guaranteed to blow your mind.

It’s the next generation of magic so don’t delay book today to see Miss Magic in the comfort of your own home.

Miss Magic has entertained at venues all over the world she’s performed for Royalty, pop stars, movie stars and now she can perform virtually for you.

Virtual Packages

Bronze package: 30 minute interactive show of magic and mind reading. Highly entertaining, funny, jaw dropping,

Silver package: 50 minute interactive show reading the minds of your guests but also Miss Magic puts thoughts in their heads!!!! It could freak you out! Miss Magic will also teach you Magic tricks using household objects.

Gold package: Through the letterbox One hour of pure magic, each of your guests will receive a package through the post which will contain professional magic tricks you will be taught these tricks throughout this session and they will be yours to keep forever.

John Bishop come and watch Miss Magic she’s fabulous!!

Kenny Daglish

That was the most fun we’ve had in months you truly are amazing Miss Magic...

Gini Garside
The Clock House

The office staff have been talking about the flaming ring all week, now the supervisors want a show! Thank you for making us all laugh and showing us some incredible magic, very refreshing and uplifting...

Jim Lawson
Lawson & Hall

That was insane, how could you possibly know I was thinking of a shoelace! I couldn’t sleep! Mind blowing.

Stacey Carter